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Built up area, Super built up area, & carpet area – What’s the difference?

Posted by admin on July 16, 2021
  • Ever heard of the words built up area, super built up area, and carpet area? If you’re someone who’s buying a home, then you have to understand these terms.
  • What is a Built up area?
  • The built up area meaning, the space that is obtained after adding carpet area (explained below) and the area occupied by walls. The wall area is the thickness of the inner walls built in a housing unit.
  • The built up area also consists of other areas such as a balcony and terrace. This can add up to ten percent of the built up area. Hence the usable area (carpet area) will only be ten percent of the built-up area.
  • The area constituting the walls is usually around 20% of the built up area, and other additional areas will make-up around 10%. So, if the built-up area is mentioned as 650sq ft, around 30% of it ( i.e., 195 sq ft) is not usable, and the actual space you can use is only the remaining area ( i.e., around 450 sq ft).
  • Also, if the wall is shared with another unit, it is calculated at 50%; if it is not shared with another unit, it is calculated at 100%.
  • What is a Super built up area?
  • Super built up area meaning, the generally mentioned area by a builder. The area is calculated by adding the built up area and common areas, including the lift lobby, staircases, and corridor.
  • In some cases, builders can even include the swimming pool, garden area, indoor sports room, and clubhouse in the common area. The developer charges you based on the super built up area. Super built up area is also known as ‘saleable’ area.
  • However, super built up areas do not include compound walls, open to sky swimming pools, open sports facilities, weather sheds, inaccessible flower beds, lofts, common open to sky terraces, and underground sumps and water or septic tanks.
  • What is a Carpet Area?
  • The carpet area meaning is simply the area that can be covered by a carpet or the apartment area, excluding the thickness of inner walls.
  • The carpet area is the substantive area you get for use in a house. The carpet area should not include the space covered by shared common areas such as the lobby, stairs, play area, and lift. So when you are searching for a house, make your decision only after looking at the carpet area because that is the size that will give you an idea of the actual space that you can use or move around in.
  • By focusing on the carpet area, you can understand the available area in the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and living room. The carpet area also includes a specific percentage of additional areas like the balcony, terrace, and verandah. Many people tend to omit this from their calculations.
  • Being aware and understanding these terms well can help you to make smart choices, stay informed on the subject at heart, and invest in the right place, thus saving a lot of money.
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  • Source: Homes247

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