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All you need to know about a land survey number

Posted by admin on July 16, 2021
  • If you are planning to buy a land parcel in India, it is vital to know the land survey number to steer clear the legal hurdles. However, what exactly is a land survey number, and why is it important? Let’s find out.
  • The land has always been a favourable investment option for real estate buyers in India owing to its lower maintenance, higher resale value, multiple uses and lesser investment cost vis-à-vis constructed properties. However, as land-related frauds have become widely rampant across the country, potential buyers should be aware of the legal process and the land survey number.
  • What is a land survey number?
  • As a part of record-keeping for revenue purpose, local authorities or revenue officers assign a unique number to every piece of land in their city. The number acts as an identity for the land and is referred to as land survey number. Real estate investors can use this unique number to access the property details such as the land shape, size, location, neighbourhood and the ownership rights.
  • The revenue officers in each State assimilate the data after a thorough examination of the land site, whereas the concerned authority issues the land survey number. For example, in Maharashtra, the Superintendent of Land Records and the Taluka Inspector of Land Records allots the land survey number.
  • How is a land survey number useful for buyers?
  • A registration process is incomplete without a land survey number as it comprises many crucial details about the property, and a sub-registrar would need it to verify these details.
  • A land survey number furnishes the following details:
  • The type of land – Agricultural or non-agricultural
  • Location of the land
  • Size and shape of the land
  • Ownership rights, i.e. individual ownership or multiple ownership
  • Demarcated boundaries
  • Adjoining plots and their ownership rights

Potential land buyers should also be aware of these details before taking a plunge. Knowing the title of ownership, land dimensions, and other crucial information about the property safeguards you from future disputes. Hence, procuring a land survey number is essential.

How to find the details of a land survey number online? Most of the States in India have enabled online portals, making it extremely convenient and easy for users to obtain land survey numbers. For example, the TamilNadu government has launched a website ‘’ which provides seamless access to land survey numbers across the State. The Tamil Nadu authority has also introduced an online app known as Amma e-service of land records.
State-wise details to find Land Survey Numbers online
Andhra Pradesh 
Arunachal Pradesh 
Himachal Pradesh 
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal

In case you have any doubt about the land survey number, contact the local municipal authority or verify it with the sale deed or the property tax payment receipt. However, if there is any discrepancy in the land survey number provided by the owner and that on the official website, the owner has to get it corrected through the rectification deed.

A word of caution for buyers

As per Section 3 (1) of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), no promoter shall advertise, market, sell or offer for sale, or invite persons to purchase any plot, building or apartment as the case be, in any real estate project without registering the project with RERA. Hence, potential buyers must invest only in RERA-registered plots.

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